Happy Birthday, Martin!

Martin Gore 2010 Wallpaper

July 23rd marks Mr. Martin L. Gore’s 49th birthday. To celebrate, this week’s freebie is a Martin wallpaper with a nice, relevant quote from him regarding getting older. There are two high resolution sizes available: 1280×800 and 1280×1024.

[ Download them both here. ]

Martin, I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend! Thanks for all that you share with the world through your words and music, and thank you for being so kind and patient with fans on. You are truly a warm soul.


Amanda is an enthusiastic, globe-trotting Mode fan who discovered the band in late 1998. Although she often feels like she got a late start in the Depeche Mode's career, she's survived nearly 20 years of the fandom, five new albums and multiple meetings with her love for the band intact (and stronger than ever). Amanda is a life-long creative, a classically trained graphic designer, working professionally as a User Experience Designer for one of the world's largest technology companies. When not at work or traveling for Depeche, she enjoys character illustration, comics, movies and Japanese Culture. And cats. Lots of Cats.