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Registration Rules ~desu!
If you want to be part of the registration list, please abide by these guidelines. If you just want to adopt freely, please follow the rules with ** In front of them, out of courtesy, ne.

**1. You may adopt as many as you'd like :}
**2. You must have a webpage. It doesn't have to be about Fruits Basket or anime, but a page. No porn, pr0n, or hardcore hentai sites please. Also, intolerance toward any groups/living things/people won't be accepted. (IE- Racism, Sexism, etc etc)
**3. DO NOT use my sprites/stamps/banners for anything other than adoption! If you would like to use them as templates for significant editing, please e-mail me first. If you would like to use the adoptables on your site for another reason, e-mail me, and we can talk :]
**4. Please link all your sprites to http://www.twilightillusion.net/FB They can be anywhere you like, but I prefer them to be somewhere tahts easy to find. Registered members: I've been getting too many hard to find ones lately ^^; You must have them up properly before I check your page.
5. After you send in your request, I will check your site to see if you have added your adoptions and links properly, then add you to the list of members within a few days. I will also send you a confirmation e-mail saying that you have been added :]

Conditions and Why Your Page Might Not Make it:
- Messy messy page layout. It doesn’t have to be a fancy site with uber layout, but it should be somewhat nicely organized.
- Annoying pop-ups that don’t go away. Geocities is fine, Angelfire is fine.. But other annoying adds bug the shizznit outta me. Having an annoying page isn’t a plus ^^;
- No more than one or two broken images. Its bad web etiquette to have a lot.
- I need to be able to navigate your site with some kind of ease. Fancy navis aren’t a problem; it’s the ones that have menus at the bottom of their long page.. Link colors that are the same as and interwoven with text that you cant see are annoying too ^^;; Submit anyway, chances are I will find your navi, as I am good with at finding menus in most pages. :]
- No half done sites. Your site doesn’t have to be huge, but two-thirds or more should be done and up for public viewing.
- I encourage all people to learn how to build pages. But until you know the basics, like linking, linking images, making tables etc, I wont accept a page ^^; because those kinds of pages are really frustrating to navigate. Myself and other surfers have a hard time picking out what is what. Especially if you cant link images ^^; that’s one of the fundamentals of web site building. :] Now go, get educated on the fun that is building pages ^^ I started with geocities and a HTML for dummies book XD
- Link in form doesn’t work, or directs me to a page not relative to the form. Make sure your site is working before you submit, k? ^^
-Lastly, if I notice any stolen graphics, it’s an automatic no. It’s wrong to steal other peoples labored graphics. If you have someone else’s stuff with credit/permission or something, that’s no biggie :}




This page owned and operated by Usaku. Fruits Basket and respective
characters are ©Natsuki Takaya, Hakusensha, Studio Deen, etc.