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Info ~desu!

Fu-ru-ba! was created by Usaku. All sprites were edited by Usaku too. Special thanks to Primadonna for letting me use sprites for templates :] mOm. This site is hosted by TwilightIllusion.net

Why did I make this site? Well, I have gotten my hands on lots of digi subs, and have been watching fruits basket for a couple months now. But, now that I have seen many more episodes than before, I love the show more than ever! XD I thought a Fruits Basket adoption page would be a some-what original endevor hehe. :] Even though there are tons of adoption pages, I havent seen many for brand spankin new animes :}

None of the characters on this site, Fu-ru-ba!, belong to me, so dont sick out your lawyers please! I'm a lowly college student with a part-time job and fandom hobbies. Original credit goes to Natsuki Takaya for creating the manga, and the respective companies in charge of the anime. This site is non-profit.

This site was created using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready and Macromedia Dreamweaver. All images were scanned/screencapped by myself using a Windows 2000 PIII machine. Including manga images that I know are available elsewhere, but I did scan my own mangas for my usage :3




This page owned and operated by Usaku. Fruits Basket and respective
characters are ©Natsuki Takaya, Hakusensha, Studio Deen, etc.