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-- 4/06/03-- Sorry!
Looks like when I was editing the members list beta I accidentally deleted the script line that registers your posts.. I'm so sorry to everyone who has tried to sign up again ;_; Its fixed now, and I tested it.
-- 4/03 -- New Policies --

Hello all! Geeze, I'm soooo sorry that its been 6 months since I've updated. I got really behind on everything.. and its really been an ass kicking 6 months.. a lot of things were going on in my life and I wasn't able to keep up with the flood of e-mails for adoptions. I'm glad people love the site so much! **However, due to this I have to change the way the site is run and all those who have sent in applications in the last 6 months (after October 15 or so) will not be added to the members list Alpha. I dont have enough time to go through 100-200+ e-mails. Gomen ne! The members that joined before then well be recognized as such, in the Members List Alpha. Now, people have adopted since october can keep their adoptions, and they can sign the Members List Beta if they would like. This is the new policy: Old rules still apply, but, you can adopt without e-mailing. Sign the Members List Beta, and I will check your site for the sprites and content. If it passes, your entry stays. If it doesn't, I delete it. More or less, you can adopt sprites much like Primadonna's process, but if you would like to be part of a members list (and generate hits to your site!) please register there.

Speaking of hits, I can believe how many hits this site generates! I'm so happy. We are approaching 50,000! I want to do something special, but I dont know what! If you have any ideas, Sign the Guestbook with them!

-- 4/03 -- New Layout --
New layout today! Inspired by a clear file that I have ^^ Image scanned by myself.


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