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What does anime have to do with Depeche Mode?
Absolutely nothing! Whee! My friends and I prefer to work in this style, and its art as much as anything else, so that's what we did.

Where did you get this book printed?
Lulu.com! They have a great system for on-demand printing.

What materials were used to create the artwork?
The media used to create the works you see in the book range from Copic Markers to Photoshop.

You seem pretty obsessed...
Meh, obsession is relative. The contributors are passionate about a band that has touched them in ways others have not, and what better way to express it than with creative returns? If anyone is creeped out by the level of enthusiasm we have, they should consider one thing: We're having fun. Are you?

Have any questions? Please contact me at kaleid(at)twilightillusion.net.