Guile Theme Goes With Everything – Master & Servant

Guile powering a super move, superimposed on the cover of the "Master and Servant" 12inch.
What could possibly go wrong?

Long time no post, everyone! Rather than bore you with the details of my recent challenges, I’ll just say I’ve dusted off the place an am hoping to pick up on blogging again. Lots of exciting things are brewing! I hope you like the new layout, and this bizarre brainchild. If you aren’t familiar with the Guile Theme Goes With Everything meme, it’s a trend of pairing the 16-bit theme song of Street Fighter character Guile with any video. The result is often a hilarious and unintended match of rhythm and cues from two completely difference sources. For an example, check out the Guile Theme Goes With Maury.

My BFF and I were hanging out one night, drinking and watching The Best Of DVD when my friend made the comment that Fletch’s hair looked like Guile. Suddenly, my inebriated brain thought this “mashup” was the most genius idea: The Guile Theme Goes With Master & Servant! We were rolling on the floor laughing, literally, when I synced the two. Maybe you’ll find it as funny as we did, so here it is:


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