Rockband Depeche Mode Pack 01 – First Impressions

Yesterday saw the release of the much anticipated Depeche Mode song pack for Rockband 3. As announced last week, the pack contains “Never Let Me Down Again,” “Personal Jesus,” and “Policy of Truth” with playable parts for all instruments. Mr. C was breaking them in while I was at work, telling me how great they were. The tease! I had just enough time to play a bit of keyboards on easy when I got home. The mixes of the tracks are amazing. I’m sure the developers made these tracks with DM’s signature sound and the keyboard instrument in mind. There’s a noticeable emphasis on the keyboard parts, with the synth tracks and samples being pushed forward in the mix. For NLMDA, it really heightens the anthemic atmosphere already in place. In “Policy of Truth,” I noted a whole layer of loops I hadn’t heard before. However, the most significant difference is in “Personal Jesus.” The song has always been really heavy on guitars, but in Rockband, the synths sound more forward in the mix than the guitars! I doesn’t sound bad by any means, but definitely sounds different than I’m used to. They used the album version, too, which means you get to play through the extended outro.

I can’t wait to spend more time with the songs, and play on guitar and vocals as well. I hope to have a more detailed review up this weekend, with video (my singing isn’t THAT bad.. or is it?). Stay tuned!


Amanda is an enthusiastic, globe-trotting Mode fan who discovered the band in late 1998. Although she often feels like she got a late start in the Depeche Mode's career, she's survived nearly 20 years of the fandom, five new albums and multiple meetings with her love for the band intact (and stronger than ever). Amanda is a life-long creative, a classically trained graphic designer, working professionally as a User Experience Designer for one of the world's largest technology companies. When not at work or traveling for Depeche, she enjoys character illustration, comics, movies and Japanese Culture. And cats. Lots of Cats.