From Hungary, With Accordions

@designlk posted this gem to Twitter yesterday and I just had to share. YouTube is chuck full of cover songs, most of them bad, and Depeche Mode tracks are no exception. However, this accordion cover of “Wrong” by Zsadany Csaky and Szlobodan Wertetics manages to successfully capture every layer and intricacy of one of Depeche’s most complicated compositions to date. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to think of “Wrong” in the context of a bellowing aerophone, but the low, menacing pulsations of air suit the dark nature of the song quite well. Accompanied by an appropriate video, it seems as if they shot the song through a time-cannon and we got “Wrong” – The Vintage Air Around the Bellows Mix. A fascinating and creative take.

*Edited to credit @designlk. Couldn’t remember who it was! Thanks!


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